Message of Directors

Dear Parents,

Has anyone ever told you that money is the secret of true happiness? No, it can’t be ever. If you want real happiness in your life, you should start educating student.

We dream of an institute that has never been and I asked myself, why not?

  • An institute for the dreamers of tomorrow and day after.
  • Why not an institute where every test is a lesson in life?
  • Why not an institute whose philosophy will color the Nation tomorrow?
  • Why not an institute where a student is taught to be what he longs, wants and aspires for?
  • Why not an institute that tells every student “be what you want to be”
    We believe that academics, learning and leadership are totally inseparable to each other. Therefore, we ensure that our students rigorously work hard and excel in each and every subject and field. Indeed, because to lead in academics is to lead in life.

An institute marks the beginning of your child’s educational journey; a time which if utilized wisely will benefit the student for his entire lifetime. Education today is to enable every student to learn from human history and be more innovative than the box allows it to be.

We wish you and your student a very rejuvenating experience at FUTURE SERIES INSTITUTE, and look forward to have a great deal of fun and learning with students this year.

We wish to encourage the paradigm shift about the view of the out of the box thinking by creating new age learners.

With all our love and blessings to lovely students.

AAYASHA TABBASUM                                                                   RAM PRATAP SWAMI
        (DIRECTOR)                                                                                     (DIRECTOR)

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